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Step #1

Check Your Email "Box"

When you filled in the Order Form on the prior screen, you entered an email address on that form. Go to that email address within 15 minutes of seeing this note, and check for an email from the Online Learning Mastery Academy.

Step #2

Click On The Download Link In The Email.

In the email that we sent you, you will see a highlighted link that, when clicked, will immediately open up a PDF version of the e-book. You can then download the e-book to your computer for access whenever you desire.

Step #3

Click On The Red "SPECIAL OFFER" Button Below.

Below the next section on this page labelled, "Your Order Details" you will see a red button labelled, "Your Special Offer". Click on this button, and you will be taken to a page describing this very special offer for those customers that have purchased this e-book.

Your Order Details

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