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IMPORTANT: Watch this video for next steps!

Step #1

Go To Your Email "Box"

When you signed up for the e-book, you entered an email address. We have emailed a note to that address containing the information on downloading the e-Book from the included Link. If you also ordered the upsell of the eBook, and/or the Podcasting Secrets course, and/or the Anchor course,It's Time To Podcast, you will also see an email in your email box with a download link, and all instructions. But first, before you do anyhting, listen to the videop above. Imperative that you do this first.

Step #2

Click On The "Link" In The Email.

Click on the link that is in your email that is highlighted in "Blue" and in bold text that says, "Download Your "Why Podcasting" e-Book Here." That will download the PDF directly to your device, and you can immediately begin enjoying it. This is also the same should you have ordered the "It's Time To Podcast eBook." If you ordered any of the courses, all the instructions you need will be in the video above. They will tell you what to do with the information in the emails that you received.

Step #3


If there is an Orange Button below, click on that button, revealing yet another offer. This button will be added as time goes by as we create more and more courses. When you do that, you will be taken to a page that shares an amazing offer on another course. This page explains, in much more depth and detail, this new offer. Click on the link and check it out now!

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